Dispute Resolution


We are always fortunate to solve the problems of our customers. As specified earlier, our very primary priority is the satisfaction of our consumers, we bring to you this guide so that we can hear your difficulties and deal with them as soon as possible.

We use Resolver to handle the issues and problems faced by the customer. It does not cost any charge and provides guidance to provide solutions to the problems faced by our customers.

With its help, customers can discuss their issues about various services that are offered by our website. The offers are:

路         Clothing, shoes, and accessories

路         Gifts

路         Home and garden

路         Digital assets

路         Templates

路         Customizable items

The issues will be sent to the correct person or team on our website to solve the problems.

Customers need to read and understand the consumer rights followed by the answering of a few questions which makes the process very simple. The customers can complain through email or via our website.

The record of your messages, as well as phone calls, will be stored to deal with the problems that you have faced. You will be getting notifications as well updates regarding the solutions to your problems.

Unfortunately at times when your problems can not be solved by our team do not worry. The resolver will escalate it to the suitable regulatory body along with the contents of your case file as evidence.

Furthermore making any sort of complaint does not cost any charge. Hence to get complete satisfaction to use the resolver to resolve your problems. Since it helps people at every stage there is no space for confusion.

Resolver lets you connect with thousands of household names and regulators to find a solution to the problem.

Customers are also welcome to give feedback after their problems have been solved so that their feedback can help somebody else in need.

Please email us at thegreatishop@gmail.com