Refund Policy

We happily accept returns of products from our customers as we believe that their happiness comes first. We know that the expectations of our customers are very important and sometimes when that expectation is not achieved it can be very disappointing. To overcome that disappointment, we strive harder to see a happy face whenever you receive our products.

 This guide will help customers understand how The Great Indian Shop’s return policy works.

  1. Open the website “The Great Indian Shop” and log in to our website.
  2. To create a request click on “Return”.
  3. Customers are supposed to give a reason for the return of the product based on which the option of exchange will appear.

There are three options available:

 Customers can get an identical product in different sizes or colours.

 The product in your order will be replaced with an identical product in case it is damaged or defective since it has a functional problem that causes it not to work.

 Customers can choose Refund as an option to have the money returned if the product is unavailable in your preferred size or colour or model, or if it is out of stock.

 A verification process is done depending on the variety of the product.

  1. Following verification, customers are required to confirm their decision based on the category of the product ordered.
  2. Always be ready with the invoice, original packaging, price tags, accessories, etc with the product for a hassle-free process.
  3.  In case of exchanges and replacements, the pickup of the order will be scheduled.
  4. The initiation of the refund and process will take place if applicable.
  5. Your request will be fulfilled according to The Great Indian Shop returns/replacement guarantee.

After having followed the entire process, an email will be sent to the registered email address and an SMS of the customer’s registered mobile phone number. The return policy differs for different products.

It takes almost ten days to replace electronics and a few products in lifestyle.

It takes almost 30days for the lifestyle category which includes clothing (lingerie, innerwear, socks and freebies are not included), footwear, eyewear, fashion accessories and jewellery (non-precious).

Products can be returned when:

  1. When your order is damaged
  2. When the order has unexpected fit 
  3. When the product is different from the original order

Refunds and replacement are possible when the products are out of stock.